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Tonsley Village - Stage 3

  • Client PEET Limited
  • Project Duration February 2017 - November 2017
  • Delivery Timeframe 10 months
  • Project Value Approximately $800,000
  • Contract Type Underground Residential Development (URD)

Enerven worked with PEET Limited to help with the redevelopment of the old Mitsubishi production site at Tonsley

The Customer

Peet Limited was founded in 1895 by a man with an enduring vision and a strong desire to help people achieve the security that comes with owning property. The Peet Group offers an impressive breadth of experience in residential, medium-density and commercial developments, as well as land syndication and funds management.

The Opportunity

In the heart of Adelaide’s Innovation District is Tonsley Village. Tonsley is South Australia’s first innovation district. It is a project that is intrinsic to the State’s economic development as it transitions to a high value industrial base that is underpinned by innovation and collaboration. Located between the city and the sea within the southern suburb of Tonsley, Tonsley Village is home to a wonderful array of businesses and a thriving community.

The vision was to create an operating environment — a precinct — that would assist SA businesses in their move up the value chain and into global markets.

From project outset, the concept was to provide an environment for industry to innovate and grow through connection to research and education and through collaboration with each other.

The project was part of the residential development at Tonsley Village and another Renewal SA project to redevelop the old Mitsubishi production site.

Peet Limited required over 20 kilometres of conduit installed for electrical and communication reticulation.

The Solution

Enerven worked closely with Peet Limited to coordinate all supply and installation of the conduit for this
project. This required coordination with civil contractors and sub-contractors to complete the project.

The biggest challenge for this site was how to install and maintain control of the 20 kilometres of conduit for electrical and communication reticulation. This was achieved by using a plastic conduit spacer system that locks together in any configuration and can be easily assembled on site.

The collaboration between Enerven and the site civil contractor was paramount for this stage to succeed. Enerven had to maintain a proactive approach when identifying potential issues to work through a solution for both parties to meet the required completion dates.

Enerven successfully completed the project in the client’s required timeframe.