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At Enerven, we're focused on connecting you with tomorrow.

We develop solutions with customers and communities such that they choose, create and adapt how they connect with, make, store and use energy, on their terms.

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The future of energy

In the future we are going to need to become smarter about the ways in which we generate and store energy. The future of the energy market is complex and Enerven aims to offer customers greater choice, value and simplicity of solutions.

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We want to offer our customers greater choice, value and simplicity of solutions. We understand that not everyone's energy needs are the same. Enerven is about providing new solutions; from large scale solar to battery installations or micro-grids for new housing developments we will tailor the best solution for you.

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Working with the best

Enerven ranks number 1 in Australia for one of the largest infrastructure roll-outs in Australian history for a significant national telecommunications company. We have a long and successful relationship with a range of clients such as BHP, ElectraNet, Oz Minerals to name a few.

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More Case Studies

Recent Projects

Our Head of Energy Infrastructure, Simon Blom, recently announced that the Telecommunications Project Delivery team had been awarded the 'Remote SA' bundle of work for a significant national telecommunications project, which will see the team begin works in Ceduna, Cooper Pedy, Port Lincoln, Roxby Downs and Tumby Bay early next year.


About this project

In early March, we performed a Lidar survey of the Clipsal 500 racetrack during its construction to demonstrate the capabilities of this technology to the event organisers.

About this project
The most skilled and experienced people in the nation at what we do.

Enerven is about providing solutions. We want to offer our customers greater choice, value and simplicity of solution. We can only achieve this with the best people on our team and with this we draw upon our experience and expertise of over 100 years in the energy industry. Working together with innovators, partners and customers, our talented team are helping to change the way Australians connect with, generate and use energy and data. By connecting ideas, people and technology we're constantly learning, adapting and designing solutions that are safer, more sustainable and more cost-effective.

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$1,500,000,000 delivered

We are getting close to delivering $1.5 billion of work over the last 15 years, without ever compromising on safety or quality. To be able to do this whilst still looking after our people and having a great relationship with our customers is the perfect springboard for the future. But we are also investing significantly in reinforcing what we've got for our existing customers. So for Enerven we've got the experience of the energy industry and we know how to compete in the market and this in itself provides a very unique proposition.

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Number 1 in South Australia

We know we can compete with all the other national competitors. We are focusing on small, medium and large businesses and industry. We offer a suite on new products and services like solar and battery, but there's a raft of other things such as power factor correction and reviewing customer tariff structures. We are also looking into concepts that will provide value for the future, such as microgrids and thin grids.

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23 February 2018
Just Another Day

On a typical sunny day in Perth, Theo Venter woke up and drove to work, for “just another day”. Little did he know that on this day, one decision would change his life forever.

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25 January 2018
Enerven's new toy sucks!

We’ve recently added to our fleet with the purchase of a new vacuum truck. It is designed to suck up things like liquids, sludges and slurries, or mixtures such as sand, dirt and water, without the contact of any mechanical equipment.

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15 November 2017
Beth Butler heads to Hong Kong for CKI Family Day

As a winner of the Making a Difference Awards, Beth Butler found herself travelling to Hong Kong along with a 25-strong team of fellow successful...

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6 September 2017
Enerven is officially launched

The external branch launch of Enerven was held at Adelaide Oval on September 5, 2017. 

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25 July 2017
CaMS employees are introduced to Enerven

Last Thursday we celebrated the internal launch of the launch of Construction and Maintenance Services as a separate business division with a new name - Enerven.

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