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Henley Plaza Transforms

Henley Plaza has undergone a significant transformation in the past year, with the impressive new lighting design complementing the redevelopment. The new plaza sees excellent new facilities delivered to the community, including new footpaths, landscaping, and seating. For Enerven, this project involved designing and installing a modern, energy-efficient lighting system that illuminates the entire plaza, providing safe pathways for pedestrians to really show off the new space.

Henley Plaza lighting upgrade sunset image with new light poles
The project team perfectly balanced the functional needs for the new space with the creation of an inviting atmosphere. The installation of the Escofet Ful poles, a designer pole special ordered from Spain, is made from a steel known as Corten or Weathering steel. When exposed to the environment, the steel quickly rusts, providing a protective layer for the structure with no further treatment required, which provides added longevity for a coastal location.

The project included new post-top lights to the new North and South pathways, wide beam floodlights to light the central space and carparks including important visibility to the access carparks. New shelters complete with bespoke artwork were installed, with battens and a weatherproof strip light, meaning the facilities can be utilised into the evenings.

Mia Margarita restaurant with new lighting poles installed outside
The project has showcased the team's skills and expertise in electrical design and the attention to detail that went into the successful project. The outcome has been a rejuvenated space in Henley showcasing a modern new look for the plaza.

A sunset image from a different angle of Henley Plaza with new lighting installed
The lighting project at Henley Plaza is an excellent example of how an electrical design project can assist in transforming a space, making it more functional, safer and inviting. It is a testament to the team's ability to balance the needs of functionality and design while achieving excellent results. Be sure to visit the new Henley Plaza!