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Terms and Conditions

The Agreement for the supply of minor goods and services to Enerven contains standard procurement terms and conditions that may govern the relationship between Enerven and external providers of minor goods and/ or services.

Supply Chain Specification

The Supply Chain Specification specifies the minimum end to end supply chain requirements when supplying and delivering materials to Enerven facilities or direct to job sites.

The above documents are referenced on Enerven's purchase orders and both will apply should there be no other applicable written and signed agreement.

Material Sales

The Sale of Goods

Privacy Statement

Where we believe it is necessary in the course of operating our business we may:

  • collect, hold and use your personal information. Some examples of the types of personal information that may be retained by Enerven include your name, contact details, banking details and financial information; and
  • disclose your personal information to parties outside of Enerven, for example, related entities, our professional advisers; our/ your financial institution; government bodies or others as required/ authorised by law.

We are committed to protecting the privacy of the information that you give us. For more information visit our Privacy Policy.

Calibration and Testing Services

The Testing of Services