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Enerven Engineering develops and delivers solutions to assist owners and operators of energy infrastructure to better monitor and maintain their assets, using the latest technology and innovative approaches.

We have extensive experience in engineering data collection solutions that also analyse and interpret the information gathered, producing reports that deliver the insights you require.

We also provide extensive Technical Design services, delivering tailored technical solutions for telecommunications networks, including communications, digital, electrical and spatial designs.

Our extensive experience in constructing and maintaining energy infrastructure provides us with an intimate knowledge of energy assets, which means we know what to look for and what matters to you – enabling us to provide you with a complete solution. 

We work closely with operators of transmission and distribution networks, substations, wind and solar farms, utilities and mining sites, and are closely monitoring the developments in those sectors to service our clients better. Our focus on innovation sees us continuously developing new approaches to asset management, including new asset management services that monitor and report on conditions such as temperature, humidity and pollution.

As a key contractor for SA Power Networks and ElectraNet, we know utilities inside out and have a proven track record of producing detailed designs and solutions to different specifications. We understand the risks associated with working close to utilities (including gas pipelines), and incorporate all relevant safety implications in our design.