Remotely Piloted Aircraft

Stringing Services
Stringing Services
The RPA allows crews to access highly vegetated areas, difficult terrain or culturally sensitive areas with ease. It also removes many of the safety implications, including working at heights, or other hazardous aerial methods, such as helicopters. Compared to other stringing applications, using an RPA is also an extremely cost-effective solution.
Inspection Services
Inspection Services
Using RPA technology for inspection tasks now makes it possible to access areas quickly, safely and cost-effectively, compared with other asset inspection applications. We specialise in aerial inspections using RPA technology, avoiding the need for vehicles or elevated work platforms (EWPs), working at height activities, and land access issues.
Mapping & Survey
Mapping & Survey
Enerven can provide mapping and survey services using in-house certified surveyors. Our mapping RPA can provide highly accurate corridor mapping and terrain modelling.

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We not only identify and report while on site, we can also arrange repairs for faults identified during inspection, we also have the capabilities to monitor and maintain your assets. Using up to the minute technology, our team of skilled technicians are also certified by the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) and are committed to timely resolutions and safe outcomes for all projects.

To us, safety is our number one priority, and one of the main reasons we believe RPA are the way of the future for managing assets and components across a wide range of sectors. From facilities management, to agricultural infrastructure, and everything in-between. We will literally leave no stone unturned in our quest to optimise the way your business operates.

Kangaroo Island Powerline Stringing 

In South Australia, Enerven has worked closely with the Country Fire Service (CFS) who have granted a permit to fly an RPA
during a bushfire. This provides us early entry to assess damage to assets in safe zones, reporting back to the response team with imagery of access details and asset damage, and also enables preparation information for when supply restoration crews are allowed entry into damaged areas. This efficiency resolves outage times and provides an accurate picture for crew safety and job prioritisation 

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