Stand Alone Power Systems

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Stand Alone Power Systems (SAPS)

We know it is not always feasible for customers to connect to the grid. Our Energy Solutions group design, source, purchase, and install Stand Alone Power Systems (SAPS) to suit customer needs. Our knowledge of connection costs to the National Electricity Market means we can present accurate advice and options to customers; building them a specified, personal solution.

SAPS consist of a mix of power generation with a control system, including PV Solar, diesel and / or gas.

We have designed and constructed several SAPS for customers located a significant distance from the grid; and solutions for larger applications. Additionally, we have designed and priced larger off-grid and on-grid systems for commercial and industrial customers. Our models consider each customer's circumstances, across a range of parameters, such as electricity load profiles, tariffs and the behaviour of technologies, enabling us to design and deliver optimal energy solutions for these businesses.