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Enerven designs, constructs, commissions, and manages safe and sustainable power systems and multi-utility networks for owners of major infrastructure.


We apply our specialist engineering, design, project management, construction, operations, and maintenance skills to develop a bespoke solution to suit your business needs.  We aim to minimise the risk and maximise the performance of your assets and networks, adding value to both new-build and existing medium and large infrastructure projects.  Our expertise in electrical and telecommunications network development and management benefits clients across a range of commercial sectors.

We serve important clients in both the public and private sectors, including ElectraNet, BHP Billiton, Oz Minerals, Power and Water Corporation, the Department of Defence, Local Government Councils and a significant national telecommunications project to name a few.

We leverage our people and partners' skills to provide total infrastructure solutions for our customers.

The key services we provide to customers across the energy and telecommunications network include:

Electricity generation

Enerven prioritises renewable energy solutions for our power generation clients, helping them to generate and store electricity through:

  • Designing, constructing and commissioning solar farms, wind farms and battery energy storage systems
  • Operating and maintaining these facilities for our clients
  • Connecting their electricity supply to the national energy grid and tailoring off-grid power supply solutions as required.

Power transmission

In electricity’s next step on in its journey from its source and on to end users, our attention turns to supporting our power transmission clients by:

  • Providing specialist expertise in step-up transformer assembly, testing and maintenance
  • Designing, constructing and maintaining transmission lines and substations up to 500kV.

Power distribution

As the electricity steps down to lower voltages for a variety of end uses, we provide the following services to our power distribution clients:

  • Designing, constructing and maintaining distribution lines and substations
  • Selling electrical infrastructure, such as padmount or polemount transformers and infrastructure for new developments through our material sales department

Commercial and residential

  • LED street light replacement programs 
  • EV charging stations,  
  • Smart metering 
  • Microgrids
  • Virtual Power Plants 
  • New developments (URD).  


We collaborate with our national telecommunication clients, providing:

  • Fibre installation including underground hauling and splicing
  • Optical ground wire (OPGW) 
  • Copper network design, construction, maintenance and restoration 
  • Radio tower design 
  • Design and construction of electric vehicle recharge stations.

Stand-out innovation

As a tier-one service provider to governments, businesses and communities, we provide a unique depth of in-house technical expertise and engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) capability to unlock value for our clients.

We deliver innovative solutions that represent value and simplicity,  employing around 600 people across South Australia, including the remote areas nationally.

We will tailor a solution to meet your needs, working alongside you for project duration and beyond.

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