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LIDAR - Light Detection and Ranging

LIDAR - Light Detection and Ranging, is an innovative modern technology, used for mapping, asset capture, and engineering surveys. At Enerven, we operate two LIDAR systems. A Static Scanner for detailed site surveys and a mobile scanner for road mapping and rapid asset capture.

LIDAR systems send out laser pulses to measure distances. By keeping careful track of where its pointing the laser, the LIDAR system obtains the data it needs to create 3D data file called point clouds. Point clouds are commonly used to generate 3D models of urban environments but can develop images of a wide range of objects; including targeted landscape, vegetation, and built environment. In fact, LIDAR technology is used around the world for diverse range of applications in agriculture, natural resource management, land development, wind and solar energy, transport planning, mine mapping and more: its capabilities are almost limitless.

Scanning with Faro Focus 3D X330

Enerven also operates a static scanner called the Faro Focus 3D X330, to scan remote and high-risk environments. It has a range of 330 meters and can scan in direct sunlight. With this scanner, engineers and technical staff can view and measure the environment from a computer, eliminating the need for staff to undertake risk assessments in potentially unsafe areas.

Mobile scanner

Our mobile scanner, the Topcon IP-S2 HD is one of six such systems in Australia and has been used to scan assets such as distribution power lines. The captured data is processed to measure asset locations as one. This data is then mapped using CAD software. The IP-S2 HD impressively collects 1.3 million points per second at a range of 100 metres, with a 360-degree field of view. It also has on-board inertial measurement unit and external wheel encoders, in addition to GPS positioning. Put simply, this allows it to maintain high accuracy positioning in built up environments. We can also utilise the 360-spherical camera for capturing images at fixed distance intervals.

With some of the best technicians in the field and extensive experience in operating and utilising mobile LIDAR scans, you can benefit from our expertise in guiding project planning: We meet expectations and ensure success.

Download our Capability Statement to learn more about LiDAR technology and how we can help your business. 

Case Studies 

Roxby Downs Council
“Enerven worked with Roxby Downs Council to give them a better understanding of LiDAR technology and how to interpret the data
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