Our approach

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Our approach


The saying 'knowledge is power' has never rung truer than at Enerven. We 'know' every facet of the energy industry, and we use this expertise to create the very best outcomes for our customers.

In a competitive landscape, we are determined to be leaders in providing flexible, adaptable, and scalable energy and telecommunication solutions. We see it as our duty to reduce complexity and offer better value to our customers, suppliers, and partners. At our core, we believe what we do will help connect our customers to the future of energy.

Safety and well-being come first 

Health, safety and well-being form the foundation of our operations. Our unwavering commitment revolves around safeguarding our employees, customers, and the community we serve.

We are registered with ReturnToWorkSA as an accredited self-insurer, operating in accordance with the Return to Work Act, 2014 (SA). We maintain full compliance with International Standard AS/NZ ISO 45001, a globally recognised accreditation for safety management systems.

Every facet of our daily operations is underpinned by a diligent risk management approach. We relentlessly pursue industry-leading practices in workplace health and safety, consistently striving to identify and implement optimal solutions. This proactive stance enables us to effectively identify, assess, and address potential hazards during both planning and execution, as well as facilitating meticulous reporting through our comprehensive safety systems.

Our commitment to safety extends beyond processes to encompass our physical assets. Our plants, tools, and equipment undergo rigorous inspection, servicing, and maintenance to ensure the utmost protection for our staff throughout their tasks.

We also recognise the significance of psychosocial well-being. Through a comprehensive approach, we acknowledge, assess, control, and continually review factors that influence the mental and emotional welfare of our workforce. By addressing psychosocial risks, we aim to foster a holistic environment that nurtures the complete well-being of our employees.

We persistently strive to create an atmosphere where individuals thrive, risks are managed, and safety prevails. Our dedication to these principles remains resolute as we continue to evolve and uphold the highest standards in work health and safety.

We are environmentally conscious

Enerven remains committed to being a leader in protecting and enhancing the environment. 

We are accredited to AS/NZS ISO14001 and committed to complying with and exceeding all regulatory environmental management requirements.

We operate our business operations in an environmentally responsible manner that is consistent with Ecologically Sustainable Development (ESD) principles.

We operate our facilities to minimise any impact on natural and cultural heritage resources, including Indigenous, historical, natural and industrial sites, as well as reduce the impact on land used for primary production. 

We ensure our activities meet the present community needs, without compromising the expectations of future generations.  

Our customers are our business

We devote our energy to what you value the most.  You the customer have more options to meet your energy and infrastructure needs and this requires us to be clear about the value we offer. 

Readily available electricity is a necessity to everyday living, and we strive to bring you that every time, because you are essential to us.

Our people keep us in business

Enerven strongly believes in the power of teamwork and we are confident in the exceptional service our people bring. 

Together, we are helping change the way Australians connect with, generate and use energy and data. 

Our teams have a mandate to think creatively and explore new ways of connecting people and technology with innovative, safer, more sustainable and cost-effective solutions.

Summing up our DNA

At Enerve, we want what we do to make a difference.  We strive to deliver outstanding results for our customers, to keep our friends and community safe, to create opportunities, and to grow the capability of our people. And most importantly, have enjoy doing it.