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At Enerven, we are focused on connecting you with tomorrow.

We develop solutions with customers and communities such that they choose, create, and adapt how they connect with, make, store, and use energy, on their terms.

As a wholly owned subsidiary of SA Power Networks, Enerven is a large, dependable entity with strong roots in the South Australian community and economy. Our team’s skill set, expertise and knowledge, combined with our proactive and consultative approach make us the ideal partner for your energy requirements.

Our highly experienced team devises and delivers turnkey solutions for all types of networks, always tailored to the client’s specific needs and requirements by always using a collaborative approach to projects. We pride ourselves on understanding the market place, and our staff have access to the best resources, equipment, experience and technology to ensure consistently high standards of service quality, safety and delivery.

Our values are the DNA of our business. They embody what we stand for and our focus is firmly on our customer's needs to accomplish long-term, sustainable improvements that are reliable, maximise profitability, and minimise costs. Above all, everything we do is underpinned by an unrelenting focus on safety and well-being

We are the builders of our customer's vision and are driven with the ambition to connect them with tomorrow...

At Enerven, we believe in being






We bring people together to pursue possibility. We are quick, versatile and always seeking to make things better.







We always collaborate across our business and with our customers and partners to make the most of our extensive experience and expertise.


We understand the significance of being dependable, we demand it of ourselves, our services and processes, and always deliver on our promises. 


Our values are underpinned by an unrelenting focus on safety and well-being.