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Mazda Showroom

  • Client Palumbo
  • Project Duration June 2016
  • Delivery Timeframe 1 month
  • Project Value Approximately $100,000
  • Contract Type Underground Residential Development (URD)

Enerven worked with Palumbo to a strict six week timeline to ensure the Mazda Showroom had power before it was set to open for business

The Customer

Palumbo are a South Australian, family owned company who have been part of the building industry for over 25 years. They have an extensive portfolio, which includes South Australian Government, Federal Government and a large number of private clients. They have a reputation for delivering projects to the highest quality, so they are particular about who they engage with on projects.

The Opportunity

In 2016, Palumbo started working on the design and construction of a brand new Mazda sales and service showroom at Mawson Lakes. The project included the construction of an 883sqm showroom over two levels, 936sqm workshop with offices and a wash bay. Palumbo had a strict six week timeframe to complete this project. Enerven was tasked with the same timeframe to ensure the power was going to be available within the six week timeframe.

The Solution

Enerven worked with Palumbo to coordinate all supply and installation of the electrical infrastructure which will provide power to the showroom. Enerven had to utilise their strong project management skills to coordinate this project to the strict timeline in place. The transformer required for this project was a non-standard transformer, and would not have been delivered and energised within the project deadline if the team weren’t proactive in their approach. The team were required to negotiate a transformer to be swapped in order to meet the tight deadline.

They had to be collaborative in their approach to this project and predict any potential issues that may cause a delay to progress and address them early. They were required to coordinate all civils and sub-contractors across the project to ensure all works were completed when required.

On site teams worked closely with Palumbo to develop plans and timeframes, that would prevent potential issues, whilst assiting the timing of other contractors to further prevent delays on completion dates set for the project.

Enerven successfully completed the project in the client’s strict construction timeframe of 6 weeks, whilst adhering to Mazda’s Design Guidelines.