Radio Networks

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Radio base stations are used for transmitting a range of communication services, including emergency services, private communications and mobile networks. These stations use towers, masts or monopoles, or utilise building rooftops in high-density areas, to provide the best possible coverage for customers. Enerven has unique experience in delivering radio tower projects in metro and rural areas. Understanding what you need and the processes involved in delivering complex projects is part of what we do best. We hear you: Loud and clear.

It’s great to know what you want to achieve, but a successful project requires the right amount of planning. The end-to-end delivery of a radio tower project is no exception, we work with you  all the way. From Radio Frequency engineering, through to feasibility reports and candidate assessments, site acquisition, council approvals, low impact solutions, construction design, delivery, and completion, we deliver everything you need. We’re here to make it happen.