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Public Lighting Construction Services

Street lighting is an essential component in safety and comfort for communities around the world. At Enerven, our energy division experts innovate and implement comprehensive street lighting services to a comprehensive portfolio of customers in Australia.

We work alongside our clients to understand the unique efficiency, performance, and aesthetic needs they have when it comes to street lighting solutions. Once we've completed a full evaluation of your circumstances, we provide you with a holistic lighting blueprint for your project.

Enerven supply, install, and maintain a broad range of impressive lighting solutions for our Australian network, illuminating the potential of some of the latest lighting techniques in the industry. With extensive knowledge in the industry and a wide collection of skills, our friendly team can work alongside you to make your lighting goals a reality.

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Illuminating Australia

Enerven are your one-stop solution for public lighting services. Whether you're searching for a company to shine the spotlight on your district, or you need guidance with lighting audits and design, our local team is here to help. Because we specialise in energy-efficient lighting, you know you're getting a truly sustainable solution.
We even supply a broad range of associated services for our street lighting clients, including:

  • Energy consultations
  • Auditing and analysis
  • Planning and provision
  • Support and operation
  • Maintenance for specialist assets

Switching to LED lighting can produce the same amount of light, but potentially save up to 77 percent in energy use, meaning significant savings for our clients through reduced energy usage and lower maintenance costs once installed. Our client, The City of Onkaparinga, is set to save around $630,000 each year after the completion of their LED street lighting project.

We'll install more than 30,000 LED lights for our clients, and that number is expected to reach 50,000 by the end of 2017. Working tirelessly with partners in our industry, we're determined to make every city in Australia part of a green, environmentally-friendly environment.

For smart, sustainable public lighting, reach out to Enerven today. We can help you flip the switch.

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