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City of Playford Lighting

  • Client City of Playford
  • Project Duration February 2017 - October 2017
  • Delivery Timeframe 9 months
  • Project Value $4 million
  • Contract Type LED Road Lighting Upgrade

The move towards LED will ease the burden of rising energy prices, which have increased between 30% and 50% across the past 12 months.

The Customer

The City of Playford is located in Adelaide’s outer northern suburbs, about 30 kilometres from the Adelaide CBD. With a population of approximately 92,000, it encompasses suburbs such as, Virginia, Elizabeth and One Tree Hill; covering an area of 345 square kilometres.

The Opportunity

The City of Playford were looking for ways to tackle the rising cost of energy prices. Street lighting is necessary for all councils but very expensive to run. The council understood that moving towards more energy efficient LED street lighting could help them to save significantly on energy costs while also reducing their greenhouse emissions. Street lighting has been identified as the single largest source of greenhouse gas emissions from local government in Australia.

LED lighting is a much improved light than the old technology and can potentially save up to 74 percent in the council’s carbon dioxide emissions.

The Solution

The City of Playford was the first large-scale LED bulk replacement program for Enerven. The Enerven Lighting Solutions team were tasked with replacing over 9,000 street lights across the City of Playford to more energy efficient LED.

The transition to LED street lighting technology will significantly reduce the Council’s energy consumption and maintenance costs per annum and provide an overall improvement to their street lighting network.

The old street lights removed are also recycled responsibly by Enerven’s contractor Toxfree to prevent heavy metal (i.e. mercury) and other hazardous substances entering landfill. 

Enerven was chosen to deliver the project due to our proven capability in delivering large scale projects of this nature.