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Bungala Solar Farm - Stage 1 and 2

Enerven’s core capabilities in design, procurement, logistics, project management as well as safety, quality and environment has been leveraged supplemented by key alliance partners. 

  • Project Duration March 2017 - July 2018
  • Project Value Approximately $35 million
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Cultana Augmentation

The Cultana Substation Augmentation Project forms a key element of ElectraNet's broader operational network strategy to reinforce electricity supply to the Eyre Peninsula of South Australia 

  • Project Duration December 2012 - October 2014
  • Project Value Approximately $50m
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Hazard Mitigation

This project involves the construction of a 275kV Transmission line upgrade works

  • Project Duration June 2015
  • Project Value Approximately $13 million
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Hornsdale Wind Farm

This project involved the construction of a new 275kV Cut-In Tower and temporary Bypass Tower for the Hornsdale Wind Farm including the installation of 30km's of OPGW (Optical Ground Wire) across 217 Lattice Tower structures. 

  • Project Duration June 2015 - October 2016
  • Project Value Approximately $7m
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Lincoln Gap Wind Farm

"The Lincoln Gap Wind Farm project will deliver 212MW of renewable energy, which is enough to power 155,000 home for more than twenty-five years. 

  • Project Duration October 2017 - December 2019
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MAPS 1 and 3

The Mannum to Adelaide Pipeline, or MAP, was the first major pipeline built from the Murray River to meet the population of Adelaide’s demand for water.

  • Project Value Approx $9 million
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Oxiana HV Transmission Line and Substation Project

To provide the infrastructure to connect the new mine site to the electricity grid. The project is spread over 185km from the Olympic Dam Mine site to the new Prominent Hill Mine site.

  • Project Duration December 2006 - July 2008
  • Project Value Approximately $100 million
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Playford Relocation and Transmission Line Diversions

Works included increasing the transformer capacity, which converted Davenport into a new electricity hub with enhanced reliability for both the Eyre Peninsula and the Upper North of South Australia. 

  • Project Duration September 2008 - December 2010
  • Project Value Approximately $43 million
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Robertstown Synchronous Condensers

Helping to strengthen our power network creating a secure power supply  for South Australians

  • Project Duration March 2020 - March 2021
  • Project Value Approximately $30 million
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South East Substation to Snuggery Substation

Construction of a new 132kV transmission line from the Snuggery Substation to the South East Substation to enable the windfarm at Lake Bonney to export up to 240mW.

  • Project Duration April 2007 - December 2007
  • Project Value Approximately $14 million
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