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NEW LED luminaries are now available

To further support reduced energy consumption and cost savings for our customers and decreased maintenance costs, a new side entry standard LED luminaire has been approved for use on SA Power Networks’ distribution system.

The new LED P category, side entry standard luminaries StreetLED3 17W and 24W (EM4021 to EM4026) have been approved and are now available as an alternative to the StreeLED2 17W luminaries (EM4003 & EM4004).

Both of these Luminaries are replacements for the conventional side entry P category luminaries as follows but not limited to:

• 42W CFL (EM3211, EM3214, EM0042 to EM0045)

• 50W HPS (EM3333, EM3196, EM0001, EM3105)

• 80W MV (10011536, EM3100, EM3205)

• 18W LPS (EM3300)StreetLED3 17W Semi-cut off

The new luminaries can be ordered through Material Sales via the standard order process. An updated price book will be sent early March.

Please Contact our Sales Officer for further details on (08) 8404 9631 or

New E-drawings to cover the installation of these luminaire are currently being updated. Please refer to the incoming E1743 Sheets 4.1 to4.3. Technical Standard TS101 and Public Lighting Tariff Manual. Further information on E-Drawings can be accessed via SA Power NetworksTechnical Standards. Please contact our Standards & Equipment Hotline on (08) 8404 4200