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CaMS employees are introduced to Enerven

Last Thursday we celebrated the internal launch of the launch of Construction and Maintenance Services as a separate business division with a new name - Enerven.  The internal launch precedes a formal external launch of Enerven to be held on 5 September.

It was a great event that allowed CaMS employees an opportunity to reflect on the extensive achievements of the business to date and the exciting future ahead.

Enerven will continue to be the vehicle for all our commercial (non-regulated) business activity, including current well known CaMS activity (such as the ElectraNet build and maintenance work, NBN and other infrastructure projects) as well as developing new opportunities in the energy solutions space (i.e. solar, storage and microgrids).

The name Enerven has several sources of inspiration, most particularly the combination of our energy expertise and positive energy (Ener), with innovation and invention (ven).

While the creation of Enerven is a natural evolution for CaMS, and something we have contemplated for some time (in fact initial work on a new brand started in late 2015), it also is a necessary step in meeting the requirements of the Regulator for 'ringfencing' of the commercial activity of distributors across the National Electricity Market.

Enerven will give us the platform to meet the needs of our customers and ensure we are able to adapt as the South Australian energy market evolves.  We will continue to seek and win major infrastructure undertakings such as maintenance and construction projects for large businesses and government.  But we will also target new opportunities by providing tailored energy solutions offerings in the commercial and community space.

Congratulations to everyone at CaMS for their work over many years in building the work book under the CaMS banner and helping us get to the stage where we can launch Enerven, which provides an exciting vehicle to expand our commercial business and opportunities for our people.