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Enerven powering up Wärtsilä Energy’s grid-scale battery

Enerven is pleased to share a significant milestone with near-completion of the construction of Wärtsilä Energy's 250MW / 250 MWh grid-scale battery at AGL’s Torrens Island Power Station.

At about the size of Adelaide Oval, the batteries will provide essential capacity when renewable generation is impacted during periods of high demand, supporting the growth of intermittent renewable energy in South Australia.

The flexible capacity provided by the Torrens Island battery delivers an efficient means for balancing the supply of energy from renewable sources, thereby supporting the stability and reliability of the grid.

Enerven were responsible for the design, construction and commissioning of the BESS substation. The project was completed on time, budget and demonstrates our strong project management capabilities on key renewable projects for Australia.

Key project specifications:

  • Design and construction of the 275kV/33kV BESS substation
  • Approximately 27km of underground conduit was installed for the 33kV high voltage (HV), low voltage (LV), and DC cabling associated with the battery plant
  • 109 Medium Voltage Power Stations (MVPS – a compact combination of an inverter, transformer and switchgear), 109 ACC/DCC Battery Control Units, and 218 Batteries installed.
  • 33kV HV cable installed to 109 MVPS units, LV AC cable, DC feeder cables and communications cables between the Medium Voltage Power Stations and the ACC/DCC Battery Control Units.
  • A 750m 275kV trench and cable installed between the Torrens Island Station A Connection Point Substation and BESS Substation with many asset crossings.
  • The 275/33kV substation is complete and energised ready for compliance testing.

“We’re really proud to work on renewable projects helping to transition our energy grid and create a more sustainable and reliable future for Australians,” said Richard Amato, Executive General Manager Enerven.

In the coming months the Harmonic Filter Bank will also be finalised, as the last stage of the exciting project. The harmonic filter plays a critical role in improving power quality by reducing harmonic distortion. This ensures a stable power supply to the grid and allows the new battery system to operate unimpeded to full capacity.