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Enerven Brand Launch Nets a Lucky Winner

Regardless of what your role is in the energy industry, you can likely appreciate the value of a good battery. Even better than a good battery is getting one at a fraction of the cost. Even better than that is having the cost of that battery go to a great cause.

At our brand launch in September of 2017, Enerven hosted a brand launch that included an auction for an industrial-grade, Samsung All-in-One 7.6 kWh battery - a critical energy storage component worth $12,000 installed. What started as a three-figure auction bid crept up incrementally throughout the event until it had crested at over $5,000 before the event ended. After all was said and done, the lucky auction winner sealed the deal with a bid of $6,200 - a savings of almost 50% off the market price.

What was a great win for the auction bidder was an even bigger win for the SA Power Networks Employee Foundation, a charitable trust that serves the needs of South Australians. The proceeds from the auction were doubled by Enerven, bringing the grand total of the donation to $12,400. That’s something that everyone who participated in the auction can feel good about, even if they didn’t win.

This significant contribution will help the Employee Foundation to fulfill their purpose of “making positive contributions to the lives of the people in our community”. Since its inception in 2006, the SA Power Networks Employee Foundation has raised over $2 million from fundraising efforts and payroll donations. The brand launch event hosted by Enerven was a raving success both in terms of the launch itself and the fantastic donation that will go to helping others in our community.

So, what will the lucky winner be doing with his new Samsung battery? He’ll be using it at home, of course! He’ll be enjoying energy independence while helping to protect the environment, yet another beneficial outcome of the Enerven brand launch.

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