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Enerven awarded landmark installation of 200MVA Phase Shifting Transformer

We are delighted to announce our collaboration with SecureEnergy. Enerven has been entrusted with the assembly, installation, oil filling, and functional testing of the first of five 200MVA Phase Shifting Transformers. Additionally, we're also handling the installation of the first of multiple 200MVA 330kV/220kV Power Transformers and 330kV Shunt Reactors at the Buronga Substation. This pivotal infrastructure, owned by Transgrid, marks a significant stride in energy advancements for NSW, SA & Victoria.

At the centre of this project stands an incredible 374-tonne Phase Shifting Transformer, located at the Buronga substation near Mildura. This is a specialised transformer that controls the flow of active power on transmission networks. This transformer is one of five built by Hyosung in South Korea.

The first of these transformers was disassembled in South Korea before undertaking a sea voyage to Adelaide. Upon reaching Australian shores, a carefully orchestrated operation saw the transformer loaded onto a convoy of three prime movers, a testament to engineering precision and coordination.

The Buronga site is set to connect NSW, Victoria and South Australia. The site will include five of the specialised transformers, two synchronous condensers and four shunt reactors making it one of the largest and most technologically sophisticated substations in the Southern Hemisphere.

This installation marks an unparalleled milestone for Australia as it boasts the largest Phase Shifting Transformer of its kind ever to be installed on Australian soil. The transformative implications for the nation's energy resilience and sustainability are substantial.