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Conduit bends

TS-085 has been updated to provide clear guidance on the correct application of our conduit bends, offering a significant cost saving for our customers.

An internal review of our underground cable conduits found that a majority of the Heavy Duty (HD) conduit bends have a bending radius below the minimum bending radius of our 11 & 33kV underground XLPE cables. As such, TS-085 has been updated to provide clear guidance in the correct application of the conduit bends and an opportunity to standardise process, providing a significant cost saving per annum.

Items Affected

Outer Diameter Stock Item Number Bend Angle Centerline Bend Radius Change or Replaces
100MM  NC5770  15  1200  NC5713*
100MM  NC5771  30  1200  NC5721*
100MM  NC5772  45  1200  NC5729*
100MM  NC5773  90  1200  NC5741*/NC5742*
100MM  NC5774 15  1830  NC5712
100MM  NC5775  30  1830  NC5720
100MM  NC5776 45  1830  NC5728
125MM  NC5777  15 1830   NC5714/NC5716
125MM  NC5778  30  1830  NC5722
125MM  NC5779  45  1830  NC5730
125MM  NC5780  90  1830  NC5744
150MM  NC5781  45  1830  NC5733

*Denotes the conduit has been retained for use however, the application has been changed.

In addition, the following Light Duty bends have been removed from stock: NC5712, NC5720, NC5728, NC5714,
NC5722, NC5730, NC5733.

Any new design must specify the corresponding conduit as per Table 9 of TS-085 (Feb 2019 edition) for LV, 11kV and 33kV sized cables. Incorrect application may result in reduced life expectance for the cable. Further information on E-Drawings can be accessed via SA Power Networks. Technical Standards. Please contact our Standards & Equipment Hotline on (08) 8404 4200.