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Onkaparinga LED lighting upgrade project

More than 16,000 street lights changed to energy efficient LED, in push to improve lighting levels.

An LED upgrade of street lighting around the City of Onkaparinga has begun; which will not only improve lighting levels in local streets, but will save the council around $630,000 a year through reduced energy usage and lower maintenance costs once installed.

Street lighting has been identified as the largest source of greenhouse gas emissions from local government in Australia; and the City of Onkaparinga has almost 10 percent of South Australia's street lights.

The July 2017 edition of the Onkaparinga Magazine mentioned that switching to LED lighting can produce the same amount of light, but potentially save up to 77 percent in the council's lighting energy use. This reduction will in turn, lower greenhouse gas emissions by approximately 2,700 tonnes a year: A change that will benefit both the environment and council budget.

The total changeover cost for this project, is approximately $6 million, and will be funded by Enerven’s parent entity, SA Power Networks.

The initial upgrade of all side entry style lights is set for completion mid-2018, with decorative and heritage style lights being targeted after June 2018.  

The upgrade has started its rollout in Woodcroft and O'Halloran Hill, in Frederick Drive, Equestrian Drive, and Larkdale Crescent. Please download the project progress report here, to find out when the project will be starting in your area.   

If you have any questions about the project Click here to read the Program Fact Sheet.