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Playford's SmartCity program extended across Council area

The City of Playford is extending their SmartCity lighting program across the council area in a push to increase energy efficiency. Installation of LED street lights is set to significantly reduce power costs and emissions.

The move towards LED will ease the burden of rising energy prices, which have increased between 30% and 50% across the past 12 months.

The Council has been working closely with Enerven to install the new LED lighting across the entire Playford area. The replacement program kicked off in Elizabeth South and Elizabeth Vale in November 2016, with the installation of an initial 1,300 pedestrian lights.

In an article from the Playford News, City of Playford Mayor, Glenn Docherty said that an energy savings of approximately $225,000 per annum could be made. He also said that the 14W LED street lights are an environmentally sound step forward for both the council and its residents.

The installation of LEDs is set to play an important role in reducing the City of Playford's environmental emissions, with a reduction of 74 percent in carbon dioxide emissions.

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