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Oxiana Prominent Hill Transmission Line and Substation

Oxiana Prominent Hill Transmission Line and Substation

Client: Oxiana Pty Ltd






To provide the infrastructure to connect the new mine site to the grid. The project is spread over 185km from the Olympic Dam Mine site to the new Prominent Hill site.

The scope of work included:

  • 185km of 132kV tower line.
  • Connection to the Olympic Dam West Substation.
  • Installation of a new 275/132 kV 140MVA transformer into Olympic Dam West Substation.
  • Development of a new 132/11/33kV 40MVA substation at the Prominent Hill Mine site.
  • Approx 120km of 33kV line to supply the mine site Borefield.
  • The project also includes the installation of 2 independent 32-man camp sites, established for those working on the transmission line construction.

Overview of key contract successes and learnings

  •  Zero LTI's (over 260,000 man-hours worked)
  • 'Fast track' mining experience for major project
  • Ability to undertake work in remote location and associated logistics
  • Establishment and management of remote work camps and facilities to accommodate staff
  • Detailed planning and co-ordination across 2 geographically dispersed work sites (spread across 300km)
  • Working with client and third parties (BHP Billiton) in addressing 132kV
  • Transmission line connection challenges in an innovative, consultative and proactive manner
  • Proactively work with clients in overcoming and managing environmental and cultural heritage requirements
  • Experience gained in working with Fluor Australia (Oxiana's EPCM) to deliver high quality project outcomes to the client