Holdfast Bay LED Lighting Project
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City of Holdfast Bay Fact Sheet

Why replace street lights across the City of Holdfast Bay?

Street Lighting is necessary but very expensive to run both environmentally and financially. Street lighting accounts for a significant proportion of Council's greenhouse gas emissions. There is an anticipated annual reduction of approximately 517 tonnes of greenhouse emissions once the project is fully implemented. The transition to LED street lighting technology will also significantly reduce the Council’s energy consumption and maintenance costs per annum. The expected annualised savings to Council, is approximately $220,000 per annum once fully installed. LED lighting will improve the amenity of our streets for residents and visitors and provide an overall improvement to our street lighting network.

How does new LED lighting compare to the old technology lighting?

The new lights being installed will be up to 82% more energy efficient than existing mercury vapour lamps, require less maintenance and generate a warm to white light similar to existing lighting (around 4000 Kelvin). The white light generated from LEDs will however vary from some existing street lights which can appear yellow (high pressure sodium) and amber (low pressure sodium). Another advantage of the LED street lights being installed will be less back spill of light into properties due to the improved optics of LED lights.

The new street lights may appear to be brighter (as they will be replacing old bulbs with are newly installed lights) and will be far more efficient in spreading light more evenly along and across footpaths and roads. Visibility along the street will also be improved and objects will look more ‘natural’.

Purpose of public street lighting?

Street lighting is important for pedestrian, vehicle and general public safety. Street lighting improves community safety at night by illuminating roads and footpaths. Street lighting makes it easier for people to drive or walk along streets and footpaths at night.

Please note: Street lighting is not designed to identify private property locations or provide security lighting. Street lighting is designed to light our streets and pedestrian walkways only and provide a level of security to these areas.

Who is completing the changeover to LED street lights?

The changeover to LED street lights is being undertaken by Enerven, a subsidiary company owned by SA Power Networks, who have been engaged by the City of Holdfast Bay.

Who owns and manages the street lights?

Most street lighting in South Australia is owned and operated by SA Power Networks as a service to Councils and the State Government which both have responsibility for the provision of street lighting. The City of Holdfast Bay pays for the electricity used by public street lights, to an energy retailer separately, and the operation and maintenance of street light infrastructure to SA Power Networks via lighting tariffs.

What lights will not be changed to LED as part of the project?

This project will only focus on the changeover of approximately 2,550 street lights in local, council owned streets. Main road, decorative and public reserve/sporting lights will not be changed as part of the initial project however these and other types of street lights will be progressively changed to LED technology over time.  Council will also be undertaking a gradual process of street lighting infill and improvement, providing more light where required.

Which street lights are being replaced?

Enerven will be progressively replacing older lights (predominantly 80Watt Mercury Vapour lights) on residential streets with new 14Watt LED’s across identified zones (refer Figure 1 below). There are larger lights classified as ‘Vehicular (V) road lights’ that are used on major roads, intersections and at traffic control devices (such as roundabouts and speed humps), however, energy efficient alternatives are not yet feasible for replacement of these lights. A small number of previously faulty lights have already been replaced with new LED lights by Enerven and SA Power Networks.

holdfast map 4

Figure 1. Project Zones 1-7 for Replacement of Public Street lights to LED

When does the project take place?

Enerven crews will be changing lights from October to December 2018 in the areas identified on project schedule and City map.  If you would like to find out which suburbs are upcoming, and scheduled to start in the 2018/19 financial year, please refer to the project progress report here  

Can residents request additional street lights?

If you are concerned about a street light that may be below standard or require additional street lights please contact Council on (08) 8229 9999 or email mail@holdfast.sa.gov.au

How do we report faults and enquiries?

To report a street light not working or operating during day light hours, you can visit the SA Power Networks site here and report the fault. In the first instance you can contact SAPN, on 13 12 61, who will investigate resident requests.

What do I do if I have concerns about the new LED street lights?

Contact City of Holdfast Bay Customer Service Team, who will take down your details and forward to SA Power Networks/Enerven if the enquiry can’t be immediately resolved. Residents should remember that the new LED street lights being installed will result in less glare and back spill into properties due to improved optics. Where a resident can demonstrate that they are being significantly impacted by light spill into their property from an adjacent street light, a solution will be investigated. In most cases the installation of a shield/visor device will only be considered following an assessment undertaken by SAPN and where it does not reduce lighting levels below the relevant Australian Standards for the lighting for roads and public spaces (AS/NZS 1158). Where a shield/visor is assessed to be required, Council will give approval for Enerven to install one.

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