Drone Technology

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Drone inspection services

We aim to solve your problems before you even know they're there. How? By using the latest in drone technology, we can locate areas of concern, and capture images in the trickiest places - giving you access to your assets like never before.

By checking and reporting on your assets regularly, we can pick up patterns in wear and faults, enabling us to develop a predictive method of maintenance that not only saves time, but saves on costs too.

Drones for industrial inspection

We not only identify and repair faults immediately during inspection, we also monitor and maintain your assets. Using up to the minute technology, our team of skilled technicians are also certified by the Civil Aviation Authority (CASA), and are committed to timely resolutions and safe outcomes for all projects.

To us, safety is our number one priority, and one of the main reasons we believe drones are the way of the future for managing assets and components across a wide range of sectors. From facilities management, to agricultural infrastructure, and everything in-between. We will literally leave no stone unturned in our quest to optimise the way your business operates.

Our capabilities include:

  • Asset inspection, data collection and interpretation, reporting
  • Still, thermographic and 3D mapping of assets
  • Thermographic analysis
  • Powerline stringing
  • Maintenance and repairs of infrastructure assets