Electrical Services

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Electrical Services

Our Electrical Services unit delivers comprehensive solutions for all types of electrical networks in infrastructure and development projects, including public lighting, underground cabling, metering, high voltage distribution services and microgrids.

We understand electricity and power networks like no other, and are trusted partners for civil contractors, developers, local councils and State Government departments.

Our team specialises in tailoring solutions to our clients’ unique requirements and circumstances, providing advice, support and resources to deliver the right outcomes and provide a value-add solution.

Enerven Electrical Services has a strong track record of delivering holistic end-to-end project solutions for all types of electrical infrastructure. Our industry knowledge is second-to-none, and our strong supplier networks result in outstanding purchasing power for our clients.

A subsidiary of SA Power Networks, we are a financially strong service provider with a long-term commitment to providing innovative energy solutions for Australia. We continue to work on developing data management platforms that allow further integration of electrical devices, monitoring tools and dynamic control mechanisms for more efficient energy systems.

Our Electrical Services team specialise in:

Our clients, - including local and state Government, Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure (DPTI), developers, consulting engineers and household names such as Coopers Brewery, - trust our expertise and skill, and for many of them we have completed multi-stage projects due to our reputation, service delivery quality and the strong relationships we have built.

We pride ourselves in delivering fit-for-purpose solutions for our clients. We don’t just deliver what was asked for, but we work with you to make sure that the solution developed will stand the test of time, and will still be safe, sustainable and dependable tomorrow.