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Peakfresh Manufacturing

  • Client Peakfresh
  • Project Duration August 2017
  • Delivery Timeframe 1 month
  • Project Value $100k
  • Contract Type Design & Construct

"Enerven has helped make electricity pricing insignificant for our manufacturing plant, so we can focus our efforts on amplifying our business" 

The customer

Peakfresh are a specialty manufacturer of Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) films and related products for the fresh fruit, vegetable, and flower industries. Their products are designed to extend the shelf life and maintain freshness of horticultural produce by removing the ripening gas given off by the produce when it is packaged; which saves businesses money and greatly reduces wastage.

The opportunity

Peakfresh were expanding their production capacity, which saw them locating to a new building and concurrently replacing some old machinery. Further expansion meant additional machinery was required, however, the supply from the grid was limited and it wasn't clear whether it was going to be sufficient to run all the new machinery. Enerven's solar team were tasked with providing a solution that considered existing loads, whilst factoring in the loads of the new equipment, as well as managing the limited grid supply.

The solution

Enerven was able to provide the optimal solar solution for Peakfresh. An initial 50kW system was installed with the additional installation of Solar Analytics monitoring; enabling us to clarify energy usage and provide peace of mind to Peakfresh that the existing loads, plus the new machinery, would be able to be serviced from the existing grid supply, with the overall energy cost reduced by the Solar PV System. Enerven later installed a secondary 50kW system to support the additional equipment, rather than trying to increase grid supply. Visibility to the energy loads via the Solar Analytics monitoring provided the information required to give the confidence for the upgraded machinery to be purchased, without having to increase grid supply at an estimated cost upwards of $50,000.  

Scott Morton was delighted with the solution stating, "Enerven has helped make electricity pricing insignificant for our manufacturing plant, so we can focus our efforts on amplifying our business and focusing on growing our business for the future!"

Peakfresh were also awarded the 2017 Small Business Award at the Australian Export Awards in October, due to the export sales they've achieved in China, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Netherlands, Germany, USA and more. The cost savings from their energy bill are just one way they're able to remain competitive in the export market.  

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