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ElectraNet Quarterly Performance Award

Our substation project maintenance group were recently awarded the ‘HSE Contractor Quarterly Performance Award’ by ElectraNet for their commitment to Health, Safety and Environment at the Cherry Gardens substation site.

The Cherry Gardens substation sits between Scott Creek and the Mt Bold Reservoir. It is surrounded by a natural wilderness, which is home to countless native flora and fauna; such as rare, Spider Orchids and Long Nosed Bandicoots. The substation is nestled amongst scrubland and neighbouring walking trails, making it quite secluded from the hustle of the city. Unfortunately, due to this, it has become a bad site for illegal dumping of rubbish. From burnt out cars, to old lounge suites and furniture, to shopping trolleys, even construction waste, such as asbestos has found its way to the site. A damaged fence also meant that 4WD vehicles and motorbikes were able to gain access to the area. Enerven were proactive in having this addressed and implemented fence repairs, as well updated signage and bollards to prevent access to the site.

Disappointed with the amount of rubbish that has made its way to the Cherry Gardens site, the team took it upon themselves to help with the clean-up. They regularly visit the area with trailers to remove the waste and sort it appropriately for recycling and correct waste management. They have hired contractors to appropriately remove and dispose of the asbestos and have had help from the police department in removing abandoned vehicles. Tyres collected from the site have been recycled with Bridgestone, which has been at a cost to us, however, has further shown the commitment from the team to keep the area clean.

Well done to everyone involved for ensuring that our commitment to Health, Safety and the Environment is upheld. The teams continued effort to ensure the area is kept tidy and safe for all is greatly appreciated.


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 L-R: David Read, TSW4 Carpenter for Property Maintenance, Daniel Flesfadar, Substation Project Maintenance Officer, Richard Amato, General Manager


Award v 1

 L-R: Joseph Mazzone, ElectraNet HSE Manager, receiving the award on behalf of Enerven are Ali Bussey, Safety Quality & Environment Manager, Mark Dittmar, Operations Manager Substations


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